Our Mission

We learned early on that Ethereum offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a new infrastructure that would usher in an innovative way in which all of humanity conducted commerce, communication, and connectivity in a decentralized manner. We aim to be at the forefront of this revolution by combining years of programming and digital marketing experience to bring innovation and disruption to any industry ripe for the taking.

Our Story

Founded by a 17 year digital marketing veteran with the programming chops to code his way out of box, read the Ethereum whitepaper, participated in the ICO and has been following everything Ethereum since. Coupled with the speed, and permissionless ability to program Solidity contracts that can replace entire companies is a powerful concept. We feel alot like early pioneers forging the railroads upon which great economies and new communities will be formed. We are just getting started on this new journey and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Our Methodology

With great power comes great responsibility, we fundamentally understand the opportunity in front of us, and that comes with being conscious of the products we create and how it will affect humanity as a whole. Ethereum contracts are unstoppable and can cause havoc if not properly written, tested, and audited before going mainnet, unfortunately like TheDAO project. Giving control back to the user is a new concept, but a burgeoning one in which individuals are recognizing their collective power, in being in control of their data, assets, and voice. As all things our ideology will change as we and the industry matures, so check back in the future as this will most likely be updated.

Our Target Market

We offer marketing to dapp developers, Solidity smart contract development for small to medium sized businesses looking to rebuild ineffeciencies in their business model. Whether improving visiblity into your supply chain vendors, or paying employees by the minute Solidty smart contracts and the Ethereum network can transform your business for the future. The companies that thrive are the ones constantly trying to disrupt themselves.

Our Service Offering

We focus on offering Solidity contract development, digital marketing for decentralized applications, and consulting businesses with less than 100 employees looking to consult about reinventing their business models with blockchain technology. Reach out to us if you would like to discuss your business needs.